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Highlight Reel of "Storytime" (2020)

Storytime: Toy Soldiers and Mice is a dreamy exploration of a dystopia, divided into cult-like tribes of belief and trade. It follows two tribes: the wealthy, pretentious artists who reject love, and some rural hippies, who view love as a rite of passage. This piece explores the irruptive collision of these groups. This story is presented and narrated by a wayward street performer, in a distant time and place.

"The Ladder" (2019)

The Ladder enters the world of purgatory, and it's curse of repetition that is cast unwillinging and uncontrollably. This piece is inspired by the 1990 Film, "Jacob's Ladder" as well as it's titular biblical context. TJ created this piece alongside composer Shaun Chen, who is seen conducting his original score of the same name.

Highlight Reel of "Dahmer: A Musical"

Dahmer is a new musical written by Ian Gluck and Payton Justice. TJ choreographed as well as collaborated as a co-creator/writer. It follows the teenage life of Jeffery Dahmer, leading up to his first murder. This show exists in the purgatory of Dahmer- trapped in a dizzying loop of his trial, over and over again.

"Mermaid Outta Me" from Peter and the Starcatcher

TJ choreographed and assistant directed this production of Peter and the Starcatcher, alongside director Rozie Baker. This whimsical opening of act II highlights the fabulous, and versatile cast, with a little homage to Bob Fosse, if you can spot it.

Highlight Reel of "American Idiot" at Boston Center for the Arts

TJ choreographed and co-directed this production of American Idiot with collaborator, Rozie Baker. She was also in the ensemble, functioning as her own dance captain. This production is un-orthodox, having no time period and exploring themes of fate culture, including astrology, religion, mythology, and tarot. It is best described as a fever dream that explores the history of rebellion. After all, punk rock is timeless.

"Cabaret" from And the World Goes 'Round

TJ Choreographed and assistant directed this production of And the World Goes 'Round alongside director Katherine McKinney. This rendition of "Cabaret" reflects it's orchestration, rejecting any traditional associations with the tune. 

You Could Drive a Person Crazy (2021)

TJ spent this past summer as a choreographer with Dance Lab New York's Broadway Choreography Intensive. under the direction and mentorship of Val Salgado and Josh Prince. TJ created her version of this iconic tune from Sondheim's Company in collaboration with the dancers featured.


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